Welcome to Stolpan

The Stolpan Association is contributing to the establishment of an open, interoperable, technologically transparent service environment for the dynamic post issuance operation of NFC applications.

The Association is a member of the NFC Forum and as part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with GlobalPlatform, Stolpan is actively participating in the definition of the new architectural framework for the underlying foundation of future trusted service management (TSM) operations.

The Association was launched by former members of the StoLPaN project consortium. StoLPaN was initially a research and development project supported by the European Commission’s IST program. StoLPaN examined the untapped potential for bringing together the new kind of local wireless interface, NFC and mobile communication.

The project defined open commercial and technical frameworks for NFC-enabled services on mobile devices. These frameworks established a single platform, multi-application environment for NFC-enabled mobile applications across a wide range of vertical markets, regardless of the phone type, the secure element used, and the nature of the services required.

The Stolpan Association has the following objectives:

· to maintain, further elaborate and refine the results of the StoLPaN project and to communicate them to the industrial community

· to establish relationships with other industry organisations and represent the members of the Stolpan Association at industrial events

· to provide a forum to discuss the open, interoperable NFC service concept of Stolpan

· to provide expert support for NFC related research and projects

· to facilitate the exchange of experience of researchers and industrial experts

· to facilitate the commercial, industrial take up of applied NFC research results.

· to contribute to standardisation and present results to industry organisations.

Membership to the Association is open to all individuals and organisations interested in the establishment of an open, transparent, interoperable post issuance NFC service environment. If you want to be a member please send your request from the Contact page of this site.

If you want to share your thoughts with us, or reflect to the content of this site please join the Stolpan LinkedIn Group and participate in our discussions, or launch a new one. We want to turn this forum into a place of expert discussions.