Smart Retail Services

Corner stone of the new shopping experience will be the smart shopping cart that will be able to read product information from tagged merchandize. The captured information will be transmitted to a newly developed back-office module, which is integrated with the legacy architecture of the retail operation.

The actual payment takes place at the initiation of the customer between the NFC enabled mobile handset hosting a mobile purse or a contactless card application and the shopping cart. Payment is location and time independent, can take place anywhere and any time within the premises of the store. The elaborated solution will be flexible enough to handle changes in the cart content even after payment was performed, allowing repeat payment and also refund.

When payment is performed the back office information is updated and also the integrated security architecture is advised about the payment transaction. Upon leaving the store – customers may avoid queuing or personal interaction after payment was performed – the security gate compares cart content and payment information and in case of discrepancy it notifies the security personal.

When the tagged products leave the store sensitive information on them will be deactivated.

The smart retail concept is structured in such a way, that it supports the coexistence of prevailing barcode based environment and the new NFC technology. The introduction of contactless solutions may be a step-by-step gradual process.