Any logistical and technical solutions, which will be widely implemented to provide the foundation for the wide scale commercial implementation of secure mobile NFC services, should have at least the following attributes:

· Operating system agnostic – should be running on or communicating with, with any phone operating systems –J2ME, Android, IoS, Windows, etc.

· SE agnostic – should be feasible with any type of secure element – UICC, embedded secure element (ESE), Smart microSD

· Support dynamic multi-application operation – the user needs to have the opportunity to have multiple services stored in its secure element and mobile handset, and should have the flexibility to dynamically configure its service portfolio any time according to its prevailing needs

· Interoperable – communication between the actors and their service modules should rely on open, interoperable protocol specifications – (existing Global Platform protocols and messaging specifications could provide a solid basis, however certain extensions are necessary)

· Have a distributed architecture – the procedures should allow flexible division of work between the participating actors, which will require the flexible configuration of service architecture

· Have a distributed security model – the security of both the secure element and the applications needs to be ensured reliably, with low cost, therefore the establishment of a central certification entity should be avoided and open interaction needs to be established between the Card Control Authorities and the Application Certification Authorities.

· High level security – each component of the architecture should be secure enough to jointly establish an operation which satisfies the security requirements of sensitive service applications.