The NFC concept of the Stolpan Association

· To make use of features of the mobile handset that make services more convenient and economic - combine proximity and remote functions, realize over the air application management and remote service support

· To have transparent life-cycle and in-life management procedures irrespective of the devices and the type of the secure element architecture

· To store multiple applications on the handset and secure element and have the capability to dynamically configure the service portfolio according to the user’s requirements

· To provide real time service distribution even between independent, ad hoc service partners

· To port existing contacless applications to NFC, to utilize available infrastructure and service support. Develop simple, new use-cases, which can accelerate penetration of the technology.

· To have a security, business and legal environment which supports open interactions between ad hoc commercial parties

The above requirements assume that customers may choose the services they want, may flexibly configure their own NFC service portfolio on their handsets, and they pay for the storage capacity as well as for the services they use. We call this new model of the NFC ecosystem the “Consumer Centric Model”, which should be applicable to any kind of secure element and any type of service.